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Friday, December 18, 2015

My Uncertainty Principle

Dear friend,
Oh my gosh I have missed you!

But guess what?


For two weeks I am free, so what was the first thing I did when I walked out from my last test?? (besides the laundry that was the size of a small mountain in my room)

of course I came and started to write to you :)

So last time I wrote to you I talked about a concept I had learned in physics that related to my understanding of trials.

Well I have one more physics lesson for you, which is fitting as I just finished my last semester of physics (I think there is a very tired angel somewhere amazed that I made it through even with all the heavenly help he or she gave.)

This physics lesson goes back to a guy named Heisenberg and quantum mechanics.

The basis of quantum mechanics (as far as I understand it) is the study of light. For a long time people believed light to be a wave. Eventually experiments where done that contradicted that; indicating that light consisted of particles. So which was it? a wave or a bunch of particles? This sparked a massive debate in the scientific community.

The concept that really got my attention while struggling to understand all of this was Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle and this picture:

 When looking at the picture above you will see little specks slowly appear as more time elapses from picture A to picture D. At first it looks completely random, no pattern, no way to predict each particles path or destination. But as time goes on, an image begins to form and it becomes apparent that the particles are actually congregating in such a way as to create a wave-like pattern. Each random, individual act leads to what was predicted all along; that these particles are part of a wave function. Heisenberg and all those other scientists concluded that "because of its wave character a particle's trajectory and destination cannot be precisely predicted for each particle individually. However, each particle goes to a definite place." 

This principle finally helped me to understand a little better how agency and God's plan coexist.

In this analogy we are the particles. We pick our trajectory, we pick our path, we essentially decide our destiny. But if thats how this all goes, then how does God still have perfect control of the universe? 

Because of the uncertainty principle.

 Our agency allows us to go where we want in life and each little decision is just another speck on the blank screen of our lives. But as we make these decisions and look behind us we see a pattern. 

We see God's hand in our lives! 

We feel like we are on our own sometimes, like God isn't giving us direction or helping us know what to do--and maybe He isn't. Because everything will work out. Our uncertainty doesn't matter, the road in front of us doesn't need to be clear; each decision we decide upon will take us somewhere and eventually all those decisions will make up a picture of our lives that God created. I hope we choose the right trajectory, I hope we choose the right course, but I know there was only one perfect person to ever walk this earth and sometimes we choose wrong. I feel gratitude because of agency and I feel hope for myself and others because of an uncertainty principle that promises everything will fall into God's perfect plan.

With much love,
Miss Mormon


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