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Monday, February 9, 2015

Let us be men

Dear friend,

one word: DATING

I'm 22, living in Utah--eventually this was going to be a topic we discussed. All of us, whether present tense or past, have had the best and the worst of experiences in dating.

So lets talk about boys--or rather, men.

Since this new chapter of my life has started to unfold I've found my scriptures have taken on deeper meaning and a different context. All of a sudden its like Nephi, Alma, and the rest of the greats are talking about the caliber of man I should be looking for

oh boy -_-

So I date.

And I date some more

 and I don't always know what it is that I'm suppose to be looking for but I do remember in 2 Nephi 1:21 the prophet Lehi imploring his sons to "arise from the dust... and be men"

So...are the guys I'm dating men? and if they are...how do I know?

The men the prophets are referring to aren't necessarily qualified as such by growing facial hair, driving trucks, and being able to lifting heavy things (those are just bonuses).

From what I've observed, a man is suppose to be reliable, responsible, and a truth-living person. He's someone who stands firm not only in the face of danger, but temptation, adversity, or mockery. I think of the examples in my life of those who have lived a gospel-centered life--and loved it. Those are men. Those are the examples and ideals for what I both need and want in my life.

Now the trick is finding it. Here's my theory on how to do so: I believe that you will naturally gravitate toward those worthy of your time as you become that type of person.

So let us all be men.

What I mean is, as I've read Lehi's words a few time I feel like what Lehi says can more directly relate to me than I first understood. In order to date successfully, I need to become that same reliable, responsible and truth-living person. I need to put God first, I need to lift other's burdens and share the joy of the gospel with everyone I meet. If I'm striving to be my best self, it will be natural for me to find others striving for the very same thing.

The logistics of dating I don't have down yet--clearly, but I do better understand the person I need to be. I am the spiritual offspring of God, I have divine worth and potential so I should act like it; and live up to the noble birthright I've been given.

 Boys are great,  they look good, smell good, and can make any day better, so arise boys....and become men :)

With much love,
Miss Mormon


  1. I agree! Putting God first will always put you in the path of those who put Him first as well. Giving yourself a higher standard of righteousness (especially when it's difficult, unpopular, or looked down upon) will help you see the hearts of those you date as well, hopefully leading to one who shares those standards. The Lord will always lead you along.


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