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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Created equal in the sight of God

Dear friend,

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a funeral for someone I never knew.

As weird as that sounds, it was actually a great experience. As I sat in the very back listening to this man's love for the University of Utah, fishing, and his family, my life like so many before me was now touched.
As I listened to his family members, one after the other, get up and talk about him, they would tearfully admit that they missed him and looked forward to see him again, but I noted that no one said he had been taken too soon--he was after all 93 yrs old. I thought about this compared to a funeral I had been to years before for one of my best friends sisters. She had been in a car accident and died immediately. The two services had a feeling very different from one another.  I thought about this and why that little girl got 12 years on earth, and GP got 93, how was that fair? We come to earth and all have such different experiences, we're born in different places, we go through different trials, we even leave this earth by different does this leave room for God?

I totally get it.

its hard to believe that someone who we claim to have so much love for us would allow so much grief and pain.

How does our reality mesh with  such an unrealistic idea?

I've seen when scientists (I'm not saying all of them) try and offer up explanations that suggest God does not exist. Rather, life formed from Ex nihilo, or a clash of comets, or a species of apes.

This just doesn't sit well with my heart.

To me these explanations would suggest a universal, uniform pattern creating a Stepford effect on all of us.

All would pass away at 79, no deformities would occur, "different kinds of beauty" would never exist and life would be nothing short of vanilla.

I've heard people say: If there is a God, then why do bad things happen to good people? I've thought about this a lot, and this is one of my thoughts:

The diversity of the world around us and within the human race suggest anything other than the absence of a divine creator.

To me, this is what makes sense: God, our loving Heavenly Father, who also happens to be the greatest artist, architect and mastermind; carefully shaped and molded each individual life, complete with beauty marks and opportunities for band-aids. We're unique, our expiration dates are different, our laughs are weird, our eye colors vary and medical histories are incomparable.

No wonder He rested on the 7th day.

We aren't factory made, we're hand-made. You and me and our differences are evidence of the eternal truth

that God is real, and though we are different, we are created equal in the sight of God.

With much love,
Miss Mormon


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