How can I answer my friends questions without tangible proof and hard facts? ~ Dear Miss Mormon

Friday, November 14, 2014

How can I answer my friends questions without tangible proof and hard facts?

Dear friend,
Unless your friend happens to be Sherlock Holmes, I have good don't need to prove your answers.
We always want to answer people's questions so they feel satisfied and all their concerns are wiped off the table.

But guess what? That's not our job.

Even Christ, when brought before Pilot, stood silent when questioned by a curious but disinterested audience.

Does that seem harsh? let me explain why its not.

God has always asked us to have faith, He never promised all the mysteries of heaven to be revealed in this lifetime, He never said we would understand His reasons for things but He has shown time and time again that He knows what He's doing.
There will be questions your friends might have that you simply won't have the answers to, and that's ok, its important though for you to share the things you do know. A testimony is the best thing to share with people, put down the books of deep doctrine, step away from the internet, and ask yourself, "what have I come to know from my own experience?"

Those who truly want to find truth will take your answers--aka your testimony--and turn around to find their own.

Are there facts? Sure

Is the restored gospel based on logic? I believe so

But conversion is found in the heart of honest seekers down on their knees in prayer, not perfect arguments or persuasive dialogues.

As you testify of truth the Spirit will testify of your words and those who want to feel it will, those that don't will quickly move on to talk about football, calculus homework, or the latest Kardashian drama.

I promise as you live the gospel people will notice, they will have questions and as you share what you know to be true you will feel the satisfaction of living the gospel and standing where many men and women have stood, as a light on a hill for many.

With much love,
Miss Mormon



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