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Friday, October 10, 2014

Is Mormonism only an american religion?

Dear friend,

Recently I had the opportunity to view the new documentary released by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints titled "Meet the Mormons". Really the best way to convey my response of when I was actually able to see it, is through my good friends Studio C. I imagine I looked something like this:

After getting done watching it I felt like this:

Meet the Mormons is a touching documentary about six individuals who live very different lives who also happen to be Mormon...go figure. My guess is that when you hear the word "Mormon" you immediately picture these six Mormon's living in one cookie-cutter neighborhood in Utah.

Not to knock cookie-cutter neighborhoods or Utah but this film has hardly any of either of these things. It was clear to me that much like Dorothy and Toto, Mormon's aren't just in Kansas anymore.

Alabama, Maryland, Costa Rica, Arizona, Nepal, and yes maybe a little Utah at the end were all spotlighted in this film as places where those interviewed live.The film showed a diversity in cultures, race, backgrounds, and families but they all had one thing in common--a strong faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to follow Him. Honestly, I left that film having laughed and cried and being filled with a renewed hope. If you have any inkling of a desire to see it for yourself check out to find locations near you or to request it, this weekend "Meet the Mormons" will be in the meantime check out this preview!

Though the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received its nickname "Mormon" in America its far from just an american religion. The Book of Mormon itself is printed and distributed in 82 different languages all over the world!

In fact, last year in the month of september my baby brother, now taller than me, left home for two years to share the gospel with the people of Ghana, Africa. (He's the goofy one on the right with his hand on the little Ghanaian girl)

As I've received emails and pictures, its clear to me the love my brother has for all the people of Ghana. His love reminds me that God's love is universal. Just like we are all diverse and unique, God's love is for each individual-- He is no respecter of persons. A quote I recently heard and love says: "God is the author of diversity". So we don't all live in Utah and we don't all live in cookie-cutter neighborhoods, but we do share a faith and a love of  the gospel that unites and gives us strength. We are reminded that despite the shape, size, or color we are all children of God.

With much love,
Miss Mormon


  1. Please remember that a word is never made plural by adding 's. If you need help fixing your errors I have a third grader who could recite the rules for you. I love your blog!


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