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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Confessions of a lifelong convert

**for all the friends who were asking for advice in regards to investigating or joining the church..This ones for you :)

Dear friend(s),
Ok, you caught me...I'm a lifelong convert.

Yes I was raised in this church

Yes I went to girls camp, EFY, and stake dances---very Mormon of me

And yes, I'm still a convert

If I sat here writing you today and said: "I know that my mom knows the Book of Mormon is true" You could close out this window of your browser and move on with life satisfied you had found a Mormon robot.

# I'mnoInspectorGadget

Trust me, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the formation of my convictions.

And it was all worth it.

I've seen how life will give you lemons and expect you to turn it into lemonade, I've also seen the gospel become your sugar, pitcher, and ice.
So if you're thinking about joining--even a little bit--let me throw out there some pointers that have helped me and countless others I've watched go through the same process.

Conversion tip #1: Actually read the actual Book of Mormon
I love Google, really, I do. How else and I suppose to figure out my chemistry homework or the top 100 documentaries of all time? But for some things Google just doesn't cut it. Any lasting belief has to come from reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. Simple as that.

Conversion top #2: Be specific!
Too many times I've heard friends say: "well, I'm just asking God to point me in the right direction" or "I prayed that God would show me the way and now I'm waiting".

Waiting for what?!

Now I'm not knocking any prayer, because any conversation someone has with God is a good one. The problem I foresee with those statements is that they are so general people can rarely identify God's answer. My invitation to you is when you pray, to use something similar to this language:

"Heavenly Father, is the Book of Mormon true?"

Simple, but as you listen to the feelings you get you will recognize His specific answer to your specific question.

Conversion tip #3: Go to church
Pretty straight forward. There are people there who have been where you are and are more than willing to help you on your own journey. There is a spirit at church and a reverent nature about the service that will give you the opportunity you need to commune with God. All good and essential things for receiving answers.

Conversion tip #4: Good things come to those who wait
If you don't have patience already, God may take this as an opportunity to teach you some. The Book of Mormon may be hard to understand, prayer may be foreign, and you may not get anything out of the service the first time you attend church, Don't give up.
When I was introduced to algebra it looked like a bunch of nonsense. New things can seem strange and frustrating when we don't get it right away, it doesn't mean they're wrong. Remember, your on a learning curve, so be patient with both God and yourself .

Friends, know that you will never reach a point, in this life at least, when you will know everything. God knew this from the beginning, which is probably why He's been teaching us about faith ever since. Have faith that God is aware of you, He's listening and if you're patient He will help to turn your lemons into the best lemonade you've ever tasted.

With much love,
Miss Mormon--(the convert)

Thank you Al Fox for always having cute meme's for me to express myself with :)


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