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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where do we go when we die?

Dear friend,

My parents use to take me on road trips from California to Oregon every year to visit family. It was usually only a 5-6 hour drive but I'm sure it felt longer for my poor parents as one of us five kids would always intermittently ask: "are we almost there??" Finally, in a desperate attempt to end the madness, my parents came up with a system of telling time that we kids could understand. Instead of saying: "We have two hours left" they would say "we have four episodes of batman left" or "we have two episodes of sesame street" making much more sense to our young minds, we would settle down and enjoy the trip.
But as we would near the state border my parents would get us all excited in anticiptation for the moment we would  cross over from one state to the next. As we would come around a bend there it was, with two signs marking the transition--one sign reading "Goodbye, we hope you come again soon!" and the other "Welcome to Oregon!" It was always exciting to reach that checkpoint in our trip as it showed our progress on what sometimes seemed to be a neverending journey.
As we would continue driving I would almost always turn around and look out the back window till the first sign was out of sight. I couldn't help feel a little sad to see it go, with it my friends, my home and my life seemed to get further and further as well. Eventually I would turn back around and think about all the people I would see soon; with that thought California quickly faded into the background and I would get all excited again for what was ahead.
As I've learned about God's plan I've come to notice a lot of parallels between those roadtrips to Oregon and the roadtrip of life. Sometimes we're impatient to get from Point A to Point C in life causing us to miss out on the adventures of Point B. We seem to ask with annoyance and impatience in our voice "are we almost there??" and miss the actual fun of the whole ride.
But as soon as we round the bend and see those signs coming quickly we start to put on the brakes and wonder: what happens when I leave this state and go on to the next? We start to look back and fear that we are leaving everything behind for a baren wasteland in our future.

 Lucky us, God's plan---the route drawn on the road map of life, isn't headed toward Nevada ;)

This life was always meant to be temporary, eventually we will move on. But death is not the end. Just as I travelled from California to Oregon and didn't stop at the border, we won't stop existing at death either. Death is not the end, but a doorway to the rest of the journey.
As we pass on, (yes we will pass ON not OFF) on the other side there will be people to greet us, those who have anxiously awaited a grand reunion. A lot of christians believe this is where we immediately get on the elevator and go up or down, but that's not quite the case--they forget about Point B. For a time we will wait. Imagine a waiting room, a very large, busy waiting room. Its here that we will continue to learn about God's plan and how to become like Him. Mormon's know this to be a place referred to as "the spirit world". Its also here that we will help our friends and family learn these things too. What a blessing it is that our learning won't end in just this phase of the road trip, but will continue on the same as we will.
For now, enjoy where you're at in your trip, enjoy the mountains or the fields, do what you need to do to make it safely to your destination, and don't forget to check your GPS every once and a while because none of us want to end up in Nevada when we meant to get to Florida ;)

With much love,
Miss Mormon


  1. This was posted on the day before what would have been my younger son's 38th birthday. He was almost 15 when he died, and I know there will be a great and grand reunion with him and his brother (who died 4 years later) when I return home. You pictured it so well! The wanting to stay and the wanting to go, the journey as well as the destination. Thank you for this! I re-posted it on my blog, as well as shared it!


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