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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What is a Mormon church service like?

Dear friend,

I can tell you right now, this letter isn't going to do it justice. Period.

By now you've probably been to multiple churches I'm guessing. You're use to rock bands, practiced sermons, coffee bars, and hallelujah good times. Its the kind of service that gets your blood pumping and heart racing enough to propel you forward, raise your hands up high and be saved in front of hundreds of witnesses.
I would guess that after this kind of a thrill and all of the excitement, walking into a Mormon church would at first appear to you to be a bust.
But I want you to imagine for a moment yourself sitting on a hill far far away in a distant place listening carefully to the humble man in front of you. He's a carpenter by trade, or so you've heard, and lacks any sort of formal training. You can tell the things He's saying aren't rehearsed, you can see no pretense in His face, He's simply teaching profound truth. Your blood isn't pumping and your heart isn't racing, but whatever is stirring up inside you makes you want to change more than anything ever has before.
Now switch settings, you're in an upper room with the Teacher and His students. You can tell an important lesson is about to be taught so you sit and listen. No band strikes up and no feast is laid out, just a little cup of wine and a morsel of bread--so insignificant it seems but never have you wanted anything more. You watch as the Son of God, Himself, reverently breaks the bread in His hands and passes it to those sitting next to Him as He explains "this do in remembrance of me". Again the feeling is there, so quiet but so loud, so simple and yet profound you can't help but think "I will".

You remember those words as you follow the crowd to His tomb. You saw what He did, you watched as He suffered and you felt the power of God shake the earth in agony as His Only Begotten Son drank from the bitter cup. Tears stream down your face, not just in grief, but gratitude for the sacrifice made and the price paid so you could change, so you could be more than who you were yesterday or who you are today. His body is laid, the stone is rolled and you solemnly promise to do just what He asked the night before His death, that is: remember Him.

A Mormon church service has no rock band, there isn't a paid and practiced preacher, and we don't have so much as donuts afterwards. Now, if I've lost you by now, then you've missed the point. Ultimately, if you want to understand our church services, you have to attend. Don't be disappointed when the band is missing, there are babies crying and you have to bring your own snack to appease your growling stomach. As you find a seat in one of the pews, and as you listen to the sacrament being blessed; think instead of your Savior. Think of what is possible because of Him. Our services may be different than what you're use to, but you'll find the reason may be because the focus of the service is not on you, its on ChristRemember Him.

With much love,
Miss Mormon

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