To my friends still waiting for answers ~ Dear Miss Mormon

Saturday, September 27, 2014

To my friends still waiting for answers

Dear friend,

A lifetime spent waiting can quickly become a lifetime wasted (you can just call me Confucius for that one)

But really, who's to say He isn't answering?

To those waiting for a lightning bolt, a voice that shakes the earth, or writing on the wall, you may find yourself waiting a very.... long.... time....

If you're waiting to act till you receive a sign, if you're sitting in a worn-out, faded blue recliner saying "As soon as all my questions are answered and I don't have any doubts, then I'll go and do"
You will sit in that recliner all day and eventually fall asleep.


God speaks in the midst of activity. Noah didn't start building the ark when he saw the first raindrop, he acted in faith when the summer heat was still felt and there wasn't a cloud to be seen in the sky.

If you've been asking and there seems to be silence coming from the other end,


God won't let you wander too far before pulling you back to where you need to be. Sometimes He wants to grow our faith a little before making things clear, trust Him and know that answers will come as you go.

Don't merely sit in your recliner waiting, act in faith and God's light will be revealed.

With much love,
Miss Mormon


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