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Thursday, August 21, 2014

What's inside a Mormon temple?

Dear friend,

I use to wonder what was in there too. Was it pretty? What did people do in there? Was it weird? Did I WANT to go in there?  I'm guessing at least some of these have crossed your mind.

Well today, let me take you inside the temple.

You're pretty lucky your friends with miss Mormon, because you can't get this kind of VIP treatment in too many places. Even members of the church are required to have a 'temple recommend' to go inside. You might think (in a Stephanie Tanner voice) "how rude! That's exclusive!" But think about it...you need some form of a certificate to go from high school to college right? It's the same deal.

So follow me.

As you step into the temple you'll notice that the inside is as beautiful as the outside. Beautiful paintings, woodwork, mirrors, lighting etc. it should immediately make you feel a little more peaceful, a little more happy, a little more heavenly. It's also very quiet inside, not in an eery way but an angels-walk-these-halls kind of way.

There's a desk where a couple temple workers check our temple recommends and then on we go! The first place we'll go is the baptistry. Here is where we provide our ancestors with the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel. If done properly and with the right authority, we only need to be baptized for ourselves once, here we do
it for others who didn't get to in their lifetime. Pretty cool right?

Alright let's keep going. So as we walk through the temple, every temple is a little different, but they all serve the same purpose and they all are dedicated to The Lord. Everyone we pass is dressed in all white. Seeing this, for me, really drive home the point that we are brothers and sisters, equals in the sight of our loving Heavenly
Father. We pass a couple rooms that have a bunch of seats in them, those are rooms where we make further promises with God and learn more about His plan for us. When we do so, we inherit blessings from God to
help us and protect us. Once again, we only make those promises for ourselves once, but we go back often because we have ancestors to do the same thing for. But as a disclaimer, it's always their choice to accept or reject the work we've done for them. We'll stop for a moment in one of my favorite rooms, it's a sealing room. This is where families go to be bound together for all time and eternity, no more 'death do us part', but 'eternal life do us unite'.

I've lost loved ones and seen other families lose the same, as bad as it hurts and as much as we miss them, we know that because of the promises we made in the temple, we'll be together again. Families ARE forever when sealed in the temple.

Well, that concludes our tour; I hope that helps you understand the temple a little bit better, I hope you come back and come back often. God has a plan for you; if you can't see it anywhere else in the world for some reason, if your lenses are too darkened by the chaos and confusion, recognize the temple to be a light on the hill and a beacon signaling Gods love for you.

With much love,
Miss Mormon



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