How can I have hope for better days in such hard times? ~ Dear Miss Mormon

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How can I have hope for better days in such hard times?

Dear friend,
Last night I knelt by my bed to pray before going to sleep. My mind was pretty weighed down with thoughts of my future and as usual I started to really worry. I quickly tried to push all those thoughts away and switch to something I could handle: your question. Just as I thought this though a clear thought came to mind

 Where is your hope?

 I sat there for a moment, my thoughts completely interrupted and I couldn't help but ask myself again:

Where is my hope?

I realized all my fears about my future, all the worrying I had done had involved about .001% hope. I wasn't being hopeful..I was being hope-less. I had forgotten what it meant to hope and where I could find it. I forgot that hope isn't just a Christ-like attribute, its a Christ-like attitude.

An attitude of hope allows us to look at any Goliath and have confidence that with Christ's help we can succeed.

Hope is trusting the Lord will allow for things to work out for our good. How quickly we forget when the waters get a little choppy--I'm at least guilty of being quicker to jump ship than stay the course.

It seems the hardest thing to have hope for is ourselves; that we can overcome our weaknesses and actually reach our potential. I have made so many friends over the course of this year, with burdened shoulders and heavy hearts, who have told me that they can never change. In other words; their sling is broken, Goliath has won, and they've lost all hope. As I would sit with them and listen I always felt the urge to stand up and in a loud voice command them to keep going, push harder! Don't ever give up! But instead I sat and I prayed, because I have learned that hope doesn't come from Miss Mormon, it comes from Christ.

There was a time not too long ago that I sat in the same exact spot my new friends seemed to sit, I wanted things to change but I didn't feel like they ever would. It was hard to motivate myself to do anything...what was the point? My future looked the exact same as my past. I seemed to be constantly standing in Goliath's shadow.

Then one night, I don't know what changed--divine intervention? An angelic smack to the head?


But I pulled out my scriptures, brushed some dust off (it had been that long) and I cracked them open. Now it could have been any verse, I don't remember the words anymore, they weren't what was important, but it was the feeling that counted. After 8 loooong months of discouragement and despair I felt myself lifted out of my hopelessness, I knew my Savior was there to help me, and that He had never left me.

I had reclaimed my hope.

I know that through Christ we can make it through valleys and over mountains, I know that hard times will continue to come, and we might sometimes take two steps forward and slide one step back, because we're human and we make mistakes. But if Christ hasn't thrown in the towel and called it quits on you, then you don't give up either. Don't give in. Turn to the fountain of living water where you will never thirst and never lose hope. 

Keep calm and hope on and give Goliath all you've got.

With much love,
Miss Mormon


  1. Hope happens to be something I have been struggling with lately. So many things going wrong all at once can do that to you.

    As it happens, my wife and I were studying scriptures a couple of weeks ago and she read over something that struck me like a thunderbolt.

    "Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope." Psalms 119:116.

    It really got me thinking that maybe I wasn't really hopeless, as that word implies being without hope. Maybe we are never really without hope but instead we allow things to get in the way of that hope. When I think of mistakes I have made and the distance I have put between myself and my Heavenly Father, I am ashamed for hoping that He might still be listening. That He might still be watching over me. This scripture really changed my perspective. We should never be ashamed of hope as hope is of God.

    Your blog post above really brought that all back to my mind. Please keep writing and sharing your thoughts and your testimony. People need the hope that you give them.


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