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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How can a belief in Jesus Christ help me?

Dear Friend,
High school taught me lots of painful life lessons: don't stick your hand under the chair, don't fall asleep in class, and don't move the clock forward when the teacher leaves the room--all bad ideas.

Being part of the graduating class of 2010, I had to get through a lot of papers, tests, and projects along with a list of extracurriculars I insisted on doing; just to walk the stage, accept my diploma and focus on not tripping as I walked away from it all.

All I can say about my high school era is woof.

Looking back at the behind-the-scenes it wasn't pretty. There were long nights and typical "no understands me" teenage moods. Sometimes life felt pretty miserable under the load I was carrying. Through it all I had belief in Jesus Christ and trusted that it would help me...but it didn't do jack squat.

Not what you were expecting? Me neither.

I've pulled out those memories every now and then to compare them to where I am at now. At that time I could've said all day long "Jesus Christ is my Savior" and still I was looking for superman to come and save me. Clearly, something changed, some light bulb turned on, some epiphany occurred so that I can now write to you and say Christ can and will help you. What I've come to realize (I'll admit, it took me awhile) is this: having a belief in Christ does not constitute knowing Him.

If I compared how well I knew Jesus Christ to any other relationship in my life, you could hardly call us acquaintances. When things were hard, I didn't pray, I didn't read my scriptures, I didn't have time for that, I was too busy trying to develop superpowers and save myself.

Well I tried...and I failed. I tried over and over again and every time it brought me to the same conclusion: I can't save myself. The strength that comes from knowing and relying on Jesus Christ is real. He really is our Savior, always willing to tap in when we're tapping out.

I still may not know everything, but I have come to certain conclusions about life: there is always gum under your chair, teachers will throw pens at you when you "rest" your eyes, someone usually ends up ratting you out when you mess with the clock, and the best of friends out there is your Savior. Don't just believe in Him, don't just pretend to follow Jesus Christ while watching the sky for superheroes; know Him and allow Him to give you help when you think you need it and even when you don't.

With much love,
Miss Mormon 


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