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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is repentance?

Dear friend,
Have you ever heard of the parable of the prodigal son?

Well meet prodigal Miss Mormon.

In this case the story is a little different, I (being the main character--the protagonist if you will) was born to "goodly parents"  both kind and dear. I was loved and taught and given all the spiritual resources necessary to be a spiritual muscleman.
Now, I have to warn you, if you're looking for or expecting this to be a dramatic, nail-biting, cliff-hanger of a story you'll be disappointed. I never did anything crazy, I never really fell away or stumbled so hard as to sleep with swine, I never so much as got kicked out.
However, there have been times when I, figuratively speaking, demanded my inheritance, left the place where I could have been happy and ventured off to squander and throw away the spiritual blessings my Father was trying to give me. So many times in life I have made mistakes, thinking foolishly that I knew best or simply not thinking at all. Too many times I forgot who I was and lashed out with a sharp tongue or turned my back on someone in need.

Sometimes I have been very, very prodigal.

But every time, without fail, when I have realized the error of my ways; when I have been worn down and hurt by my own silly choices and gathered the courage to come running back and willing to change; my Heavenly Father has always welcomed me back with open arms.
We all play the prodigal son or daughter at one point or another on the stage of life. The process we go through to change from the prodigal child to a child of God is called repentance.
With that statement, I feel the need to clear some things up:

Repentance is NOT public shaming
Repentance is NOT a guilt trip
Repentance is NOT a punishment
Repentance is the road back home, the means by which we can heal, and we can be forgiven. Repentance is the process that we go through; through prayer and a desire to change in order to reach our potential...aka to receive our inheritance. We can't be forced to repent, it has to start with us turning around to take the first step back toward the reward that we foolishly left.

 Don't be afraid of repentance; its the road headed somewhere instead of just in circles. Sometimes its longer and sometimes its shorter; but it always leads to the same destination...home.

With much love,
Miss Mormon


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