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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Do Mormons believe in Hell?

Dear Friend,
  Time and time again people have tried, with sincere concern, to save me. As we talk they recognize me to be a nice mormon girl, but nonetheless...a mormon. They see my future to be that of vast fiery lakes, putrid smoke, and raining brimstone.

Good thing the nice mormon girl knows better :)

  I've met so many people concerned with Hell. More than being focused on God's love and desiring to return to live with Him, they seem driven by a fear of the eternal pit of despair. They admittedly don't know much about it but what they do know makes them resolved not to go there. It seems the people I talk to are convinced that a very small number of us will make it to Heaven and the majority will head straight to Hades. Do not pass go... do not collect $200. This is false.
  Who plans a trip so expensive that only 2 of the 20 people invited can actually go? Why would God create a plan so impossible almost none of His children can succeed? Our Heavenly Father is a very just God, fair and equal in all things, but we can't forget one thing...that He LOVES us! When Christ came to earth He tried to explain: "In my Father's house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you" (John 14:2).
  We all lead lives of varying degrees of righteousness, like shades on a spectrum its not as simple as black and white. Based upon what we do here on earth we will inherit some degree of glory, or reward from our Heavenly Father. The scriptures compare it to the brightness of the sun, the moon, and the stars (1 Cor 15:41). Each gives off some light, but clearly the sun is the brightest--thats the one we're striving for. No where does it list the brightness of coal as an option. Coal isn't listed because God's plan is perfect and He sent His son to be our Savior, to save us from our mistakes and to keep us progressing back to live with Him. In other words, does some state of existence match the description of Hell? Yes. But none of us have reservations being held for us there. Our Heavenly Father's plan is designed and set up with success in mind, not failure. I don't know about you but this nice mormon girl feels pretty good about that!

With Much Love,
Miss Mormon


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