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Monday, June 16, 2014

Ode to Fathers

Dear Mormon Dad,

I was watching this video and it made me start to reflect on all the lessons you taught me growing up. You always made sure I knew who I was and who God was. You let me know my earthly father--and Heavenly Father would always love me.
   Remember that time I tried to leave the house in an outfit not quite falling under the category of modest? I was so mad at you, you were too old and too outdated to understand that this was now the norm and completely acceptable. But you held firm and I finally caved (in my natural huffy fashion). I understood a little better that day that I was of a higher worth than I had originally estimated.
  While writing this I heard a car go by and I flashed back to our lessons on driving. Bet you didn't know I learned a lot more than just which is the brake and which is the accelerator that day when I crashed your car. Glad we can laugh about it now. I remember being so scared as I slowly looked over at you, not sure what to do. But as always you showed me you loved me... and then began estimating the damage. As I ran into the house mortified, I learned how to be Christlike even when you're feeling the least inclined to be charitable. Today, I still try to follow suit.
  Those teenage years, ugh, those were rough. I grew up singing "I am a Child of God" but somehow during those awkward years I forgot. As I would be getting ready to go out for the night or as you were driving me somewhere you had no problem reminding me. You subtly turning the volume up on that song about waiting up on the porch cleaning your gun didn't get passed me. I got the message and I think anyone I hung out with got it too...loud and clear.
  You gave me an example of what it means to honor your wife, to love your children and serve your neighbor. You taught me to keep the sabbath day holy (you thought no one noticed you get up early to read your scriptures, but I did.) And to be honest in word and deed.
  Last but not least, I know I have a Heavenly Father because you taught me how to talk to Him. I know He's there listening because it feels similar to when I talk to you. I know He loves me because He gave me you. I love ya Pops!

With much love, your daughter,
Miss Mormon


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