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Monday, June 9, 2014

What is this health code all Mormons live by?

Dear Friend,
I've gotten some funny misconceptions from people in the past so I'm
glad I get to answer this question finally.

For the sweet girl in high school who was concerned about whether or
not I was allowed to dance--this ones for you.
As Mormons, we abstain from coffee, green or black tea, tobacco,
alcohol, and illegal drugs and we emphasize eating vegetables, fruits,
grains, and eating meat in moderation. The health code we live by,
called the word of wisdom, helps us by giving us an instruction manual
for how to care for our bodies and how to get the most use out of
them. If you want your car to last, do you settle on the kind of oil
you use? No! you use top grade. Though living this way helps us
physically, possibly the majority of the blessings that come through
being obedient to this are more seen spiritually.

My brother once explained it like this. When he smelled coffee and
looked at it, it seemed so enticing and yummy. Later, when looking at
the empty coffee cup in the sink he noticed that though the coffee was
gone, there was a nasty brown stain left on the cup. My wise brother
pointed out "when I saw the cup and the stain that was left on it, it
helped me to see that that's what the coffee would do to the inside of
our bodies."
When I was in my first semester at college, I somehow got on the topic
of all the things i planned to change or alter on my body once I had
the money to do so. I went through my rather long list and finally
when I had finished nonchalantly listing everything off, my roommate
turned to me with a clearly concerned expression on her face and said:
I really hope you don't actually do all that. When you do all those
things it's like your saying to Heavenly Father. "Thanks for the gift,
but it wasn't good enough, I can do a better job." Ouch. That has
always stayed with me. Now my purpose in telling this story is not to
go off on a tangent about altering our bodies, my intent is to
highlight a time in my life where I realized for the first time, that
the things I do to my body are my expressions of appreciation to my
Heavenly Father who gave me this gift. That includes what I choose to
put in it.
We have been given bodies to house our spirits. I imagine our spirits
with big signs on them that say: HANDLE WITH CARE, VERY FRAGILE, or
With something so precious, our Heavenly Father wouldn't settle for
anything less than the best. Our bodies are the best of the best, we'd
be wise to treat them as so :)

With much love,
Miss Mormon


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