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Monday, June 2, 2014

Do Mormon's worship Joseph Smith?

Dear Friend,
Sorry I missed a week, I've recently moved and change always throws me
off my norm.

So I love analogies, I love comparing new ideas to those that I'm much
More familiar with and sometimes they're the best way to answer a
question. For example, when discussing the civil rights movement in
America it's hard not to mention Martin Luther king jr. We honor him,
we respect him, but we do not worship him.

I love to read, in fact it's right up there with sleeping and laughing
as one of my favorite things to do. I can quickly get lost in Jane
, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice and any other classic;
appreciating the authors abilities and talents, but still not
worshiping them.

Mother's Day has just passed us by not too long ago, on this day we
pay special tribute to women and motherhood all over...but we do not
worship them.

With those comparisons stated, let me directly answer your question:
We. Do. Not. Worship. Joseph Smith. We learn about him, we honor him,
we even look to him as a role model, but in doing so we do not worship

Last year I was over visiting a young family. When we first got there
the two youngest girls ran over and immediately I captured their
attention with a book full of pictures of Jesus Christ. I spent almost
an hour flipping and reflipping through that book teaching them about
Christ. Finally their mom told them to go inside and change out of
their swimsuits into normal clothes. The oldest one, being about 5 yrs
old, quickly ran inside. A few minutes later she came back out fully
dressed. She walked over to me with a satisfied smile on her face. I
was confused why until I took better notice of what she was wearing
and then I couldn't help but smile too. That day I was wearing a black
skirt with a gray and black striped shirt, she was now wearing a plaid
skirt with a black and white striped shirt. In an effort to be more
like me, she had tried to dress like me!

Admiration does not always necessitate adoration. Paying respect does
not equate paying homage. Just as we cherish Moses, Isaiah, and
Jeremiah, so we appreciate Joseph Smith, acknowledging their roles as
prophets, but refraining from elevating man to the status of deity.

Now go give your mom a hug and tell her how much you appreciate her,
but whatever you do...don't worship her ;)

With much love,
Miss Mormon


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