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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why do you believe in a God?

Dear Friend,
Yesterday, as Sister P. (my missionary companion)and I were biking to our last appointment for the day we stopped to talk to two women who were sitting outside enjoying the nice, cool weather. One sat curled up in a comfy-looking chair and the other in a fold-up hard chair, slowly smoking a cigarette.
We introduced ourselves as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We soon found out they were daughter and mother (respectively). They were both very nice and we quickly learned that they were atheist. The daughter began to excitedly explain to us why she had decided there was no such thing as a God and how science explained everything while God explained nothing. I could see that a lot of her concerns came from not having all the information. We took the opportunity to explain the role the Book of Mormon plays in answering our questions and complimenting the Bible so we can better understand God's truth. She wasn't convinced. Her mom though was listening and you could see her demeanor change as she leaned forward a little more in her seat and looked reflective, her cigarette temporarily forgotten.
We each bore simple testimony and invited them both to order a free copy of the Book of Mormon to read and pray about. In response the daughter invited us to read a book she had found helpful on her road to atheism; as she was doing so I could've sworn I heard her mother respond to our invitation quietly murmuring "I will."

The reason I know there is a God, who's also my Heavenly Father, is because I have prayed so many times in my life and received so many answers. The universe does not love me enough to give me answers to my questions and solace when I'm in need-- only my Heavenly Father could care enough to do that.
I suggest, and invite you, that if its been awhile since you've prayed, maybe its something you've never done before, that you try it. Your Heavenly Father wants to hear from you, and more than that, He wants you to hear from Him.
with much love,
Miss Mormon


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