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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What makes the mormon church different from the rest?

Dear Friend,
Before I answer this, let me lay out for you some things that make us similar:
-we believe there to be a higher power--for us its God, the Father and His son Jesus Christ
-we believe in doing good to all men
-we study out of the bible...yep the same KJV you do
-we believe Jesus Christ to be our Savior and the only way back to our Heavenly Father's presence

Now, as I sit at my desk writing and ignoring the mess of pens, highlighters, manuals, and papers strewn about; I look up and can see my Book of Mormon and bible set to the side as I have just finished reading from them. I slowly spin in my chair, one leg tucked under the other in my best thinking pose. Looking around our living room/study area I spot a picture of Thomas S Monson, a prophet called of God. I continue to slowly scan the room and spot a picture of the Orlando Temple, a beautiful building dedicated as a house of the Lords and a place where promises are made. Amongst the clutter on my desk I see a small painting of Jesus Christ, recently resurrected administering to the people of the american continent, recognized in the Book of Mormon as the Nephites.

Seeing these simple visuals reminds me of the unique message I hold. These are the things that I daily go out my door, hop on my bike and pedal around looking to share with everyone I see. As I meet people I explain that I am a representative of Jesus Christ called to share a special message. After centuries of being lost, truth has been restored through a prophet called in modern times. Joseph Smith, a young man seeking truth, was chosen by God Himself, to restore Christ's church back to the earth. God provided an ancient record from the Americas so His children could read, pray and receive light and understanding, so we could know He is still aware of us today. Our knowledge of Christ's church and gospel being restored to the earth is what makes us different , and often times its the missing piece that people are searching for.
with much love,
Miss Mormon


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