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Monday, March 17, 2014

Do Mormons believe its required to spread the word in order to get to heaven?

Dear Friend,
When you have found a great recipe, don't tell me you don't immediately pin it to Pinterest. Or when some funny video made your day, you don't immediately upload that to your Facebook? We can't help it; naturally we desire to inform all our friends and family of sweet deals, upcoming events, and the latest blockbuster we just saw. Mormons feel the same way about the gospel! I know as soon as I knew the church was true, all I wanted to do was share it. Besides this wasn't a blessing given only to select people to be hoarded for all eternity, Christ Himself commissioned us to go and share it with others.
But I can't imagine getting to the gates of heaven and a heavenly sentinel stopping me to say: "sorry miss, but the toll allotment  was three souls and you barely helped Christ get one, you can turn around and go back the way you came, don't stop until it gets significantly warmer."
No way!
But I can imagine getting to heaven and feeling so relieved to be there, to have finally made it. I can imagine seeing my Savior and being so excited until He points to another group of people nearby and says: "I had so many amazing opportunities for you all set up, but you didn't want them or just didn't take them, so I had to send others to do it instead."
I think it will be very clear how many opportunities we'll have taken based on the group of people we have anxious to greet us and thank us on the other side.
No its not a requirement to get into heaven if we choose to share the gospel with others or not; but the moments I have felt the most joy have been when I was able to share my secret to happiness with others. When you cross paths with a Mormon, remember, we're not trying to force anything on you or purposely bother you; we're just trying to let you in on the secret--so don't be too upset when we offer you a Book of Mormon :)
with much love,
Miss Mormon


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